Using ChurchThemes

Are you using the Jubilee, Saved, Maranatha, or Exodus themes on your MereChurch website? If so, you are using the Church Content Pro plugin, which is a custom-built plugin tailored to these themes. Church Content Pro manages your sermons, your events calendar, your staff members, and your campuses (if applicable).

ChurchThemes, the creators of this plugin, have an excellent online documentation. You can refer to their articles for help using their product.

Church Content Pro How-Tos and Guides

A few recommended resources in their documentation:

  • Getting Started (we will have taken care of installing and licensing Church Content Pro for you – one of the perks of choosing MereChurch!)

  • Managing Content

ChurchThemes also has specific resources for their individual themes:

If you get stuck making changes to your website, please open a support ticket with us! We will do our best to help you resolve the issue – we work with these themes all day, every day.